Mick and Keith: Never Stop

My Conversations with the Rolling Stones

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    "The modern world of e-readers meets the old world of rock and roll. Rona Elliot expertly bridges that gap, past and present, context and conversation and gives us a vibrant, visual snapshot of The Rolling Stones, past, present and future. I want MORE." —Jamie Lee Curtis, Actress & Author

    This enhanced eBook by Rock journalist Rona Elliot is an unprecedented look at Rolling Stones frontmen Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Elliot takes fans along on her deeply personal journey celebrating 50 years of The Rolling Stones with a fascinating snapshot of Mick and Keith during their legendary Steel Wheels tour.

    Watch exclusive interviews Elliot conducted with Mick and Keith as the music correspondent for NBC’s Today show. These video segments showcase the legends as you’ve never seen them before. However well you think you know Mick and Keith or the Stones, Never Stop reveals a whole new dimension. Mick’s and Keith’s distinct personalities shine as Elliot takes you inside the nature of their partnership and gives you a peek into how these music heroes broke the rules, created the new standard and became the World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band.

    Even for diehard Rolling Stones fans who think they’ve seen it all and know everything about Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, these interviews—packed with rare and never-before-seen moments—are poignant, enormously revealing and full of humor. Mick and Keith: Never Stop is part fan letter, part memoir to the birth of an era. Elliot’s Rock career—from her early days as a fan watching Bob Dylan “go electric,” to being knee-deep in the mud working at Woodstock, to profiling artists and covering ground-breaking musical events for NBC—offers readers a unique and first-hand account of how the Rolling Stones shaped and continue to influence the musical landscape. In addition to Elliot’s own Stones memorabilia and photos through the decades, Mick and Keith: Never Stop includes images of the band from famed Rock photographers Henry Diltz, Bob Gruen and Ebet Roberts.

    “This book...gives fans a real insight to how Mick and Keith think about the same things. You get into the psyche of the band and you get a chance to see the thought process behind Mick and the thought process behind Keith. If you’re a Rolling Stones fan, you’ve got to get this book.” —Steve Jordan, Grammy & Emmy Award-Winning Musician, Songwriter and Producer

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